Pushpay engineers take ownership of features and work with multiple stakeholders to deliver the highest quality solutions all the way to production.

We are currently on the lookout for a talented DevOps Engineer to join the Pushpay team as we continue to grow to meet market demands.


The Pushpay engineering team is spread between Auckland, New Zealand and Redmond, Washington. Developers, Quality Assistance and Analysts work closely together where we continuously deliver value with software deployments several times a day.

At Pushpay all our engineers practice DevOps, so we think of DevOps as a cultural movement, not a role. Having said that, titles for job adverts are hard so here's the kind of engineer we are seeking to enhance our world class team.

What we're looking for:

  • Personal commitment to continuously learn and improve
  • Communication skills for a highly collaborative software development and delivery process
  • A pragmatic approach to automating friction in "the pipeline"

Must have:

More than 3 years relevant experience, ideally including:

  • Systems administration
  • Shell scripting - (Powershell, Bash)
  • AWS
  • Continuous Integration tools
  • Monitoring and Alerting tools
  • Source control
  • A pragmatic approach to automating friction in "the pipeline"
  • Terraform / Cloud Formation experience would be a plus


  • $3,000 annual training/conference allowance
  • Competitive, above-market rates
  • Bringing together exceptionally talented colleagues
  • Pre-authorized budget for gear

About Pushpay:

Pushpay (www.pushpay.com) exists to build world class donor and engagement solutions.

We see many levels of inefficiency in the world of money and we are certain we can make a positive impact on many people's lives by challenging the status quo.

Founded in 2011, we are proudly a New Zealand company. Kiwis can make all kinds of great things happen with minimal resources. We call it the number 8 fencing wire philosophy. Small might mean informal, but that doesn't mean we're not serious about what we do.

Our customers love our product: https://twitter.com/pushpay/likes.

Every one of us here is generous with one another, with our time, with our knowledge and with our craft.

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