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Senior or Intermediate iOS Engineer

We are currently on the lookout for a talented iOS developer, with MORE than a cursory understanding of building well-factored, testable and production worthy apps.

Do you live and breathe iOS mobile development? Do you love engineering fast and beautiful user experiences? Come and work with us if you want to be part of creating a best-of-breed product for the iOS ecosystem.

Practical commercial knowledge of, and proficiency with

  • Objective-C, Swift and iOS development
  • Integrating with RESTful services
  • Git, Mercurial or some DCVS
  • Automated testing, stubbing, mocking (TDD should be your modus operandi)

To be successful in this role you need

  • Passion for developing new software that is scalable and user-friendly
  • 3+ years of relevant software engineering experience, “relevant” being:
    • developing Internet-scale multiuser web/mobile/cloud type software products
  • Emphasis on writing modular, scalable code code that exhibits the principles of SOLID
  • Communication skills for a highly collaborative software development process
  • Be a happy, positive minded and kind person
  • Be an independent and versatile hacker, with the ability to pick up different languages, frameworks and techniques with relative ease

Map Auckland

Our engineering team is split between Auckland, New Zealand and Redmond, Washington.

Our work ethic

  • Pushpay encourages innovation in a blameless culture
  • We push to production multiple times per day
  • We have a focus on repeatable results
  • A code-base with a pragmatic approach to technical-debt
  • Ultra-low levels of bureaucracy - less talk, more action
  • At Pushpay testers and engineers go together like Jam and Peanut Butter

Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

  1. Establish a clear and motivating mission.
  2. Pick ONLY the most exceptional people: people who are Smart and Get-Stuff-Done.
  3. Provide an environment free of distraction with an ambiance that supports creative work.

And then get out of the way and let them do what they love to do.

We have great benefits

3K pa training/conference allowance
Exceptionally talented colleagues
Above market rates
We measure results, not hours
Pre-authorised budget for ‘gear’

So what are you waiting for?

Apply now