We are product people

The Product team at Pushpay thrives on solving difficult problems. We drive the vision, strategy, design and execution of our product. This involves healthy debate, considering the needs and priorities of different stakeholders, and encouraging thinking that challenges the norm.


We’re entrusted with the ownership of our work, while knowing that there are others around to support us when we need it. We look for the best people, with a variety of life experiences and backgrounds, and give them the freedom to do great work.

“Pushpay values people for doing what they think is right. We're not asked to follow standards, but instead to define them.”

Alonso Licks

Product Analyst


Collaboration is our modus operandi. Far from being lone rangers, we work in cross-disciplinary teams including researchers, product designers, data analysts, developers, and QA engineers. We actively involve our Customer Support, Sales and Product Marketing teams to make sure all aspects of launching great products are considered up front. It’s this collaboration that unifies and motivates us; helping us make better decisions, define truly valuable solutions, and have more fun!


We recognise that what we say, and how we behave, is as important as what we know. The company is made up of people with characteristics we admire: humility, generosity, curiosity and creativity. We celebrate our wins and are encouraged to learn from our mistakes in a supportive and blameless environment.


We are always learning. Pushpay fosters an environment of personal growth and a collective responsibility to continually improve.

Our employees benefit from an annual training budget to use as desired, and Pushpay proudly supports leading industry events such as Codemania, Webstock and UX New Zealand.